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Monument erected in honor of a 2,000-year-old champion athlete found in Turkey

A monument that seems to belong to an athlete 2,000 years ago has been found in Turkey’s Bursa province. It is thought to have been built in memory of the 9 champion athletes who lived in the ancient city established within the borders of Bursa.

The monument was found in a farmer’s field in a village in Bursa and came to light by chance. After the farmer found the monument, it was brought to the village square and put on display.

The secret of the stone, which has been standing in the village square for a long time and no one knows what it is, was discovered in the 1990s when the tourist group who came to visit the village read the articles.

The stone in the village square was created in honor of an athlete named Tatianos, who competed in nine competitions 2,000 years ago and lived in the region’s now-submerged city of Kaiserya. This information was discovered by experts who examined the stone.

Tatianos was the oldest athlete Bursa had ever coached and a historical stone was constructed in his honor. It is still on display in the village plaza.

When the experts read the articles, on the monument erected in memory of the athlete named Tatianos, who lived 2,000 years ago and won 9 championships, the athlete’s mother and father determined how many medals he won and his championships. The monument was found in the sunken city of Kaiseria.

What are the ancient cities in Bursa?


It is located 65 km south of Bursa. It was founded in the 2nd century AD. Although it is said that a temple and a school were built in the city during its foundation, it is said that hunting was an important part of the city. Apart from this, there is not much information about the city in the sources.


It gained the status of a city in 365 AD. Eastern Roman city. No remains or finds have come from the ancient city to the present day.


Lopadion means bowl or small bowl in the Hellenic language. It is not known when and by whom the city was founded. Except for the remains of a bridge from the Byzantine period and the remains of the medieval fortifications, nothing has survived to the present day.

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