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The 5 most important archaeological news in October

Top 5 archaeological news of October. During the month of October, a lot of archaeological news appeared.

5 of these important news are as follows;

5-) 7th century shops and ruins of a local neighborhood were found in the ancient city of Ephesus

Archaeologists have discovered findings from the Byzantine period 1400 years ago in the ancient city of Ephesus. Among the finds were the remains of 7th-century shops and a local neighborhood.

A new neighborhood emerged during the excavations in Ephesus. This neighborhood was unearthed right next to the region that is the political center of the Eastern novel. Many finds were discovered in this newly found area. Among them; Amphorae, ceramics and many fruit and legumes seeds were found.

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4-) Indigenous symbols were found in a 16th-century monastery in Mexico City

Ancient local symbols were found on the walls of a monastery near Mexico City. These symbols were found inside the monastery together with Roman motifs. The symbols are thought to date from the 1550s.

The existence of motifs brought to light the confusion of the period in which it was made. At that time, monks from Europe had monasteries established to impose Catholic and European culture on the local people. The priests, who put their own motifs in them, also had local symbols built on the walls in order to attract the local people.

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3-) In Egypt, a bell dedicated to Ramses II has been found

Archaeologists have discovered a cult bell from the time of Ramses the Great in Egypt. This bell was unearthed from among the ram skulls that were gifted to Ramses.

Egyptologists explained that the bell was decorated with four animal heads, each representing a different god.

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2-) ‘Santa Claus’ tomb was unearthed in Antalya, southern Turkey

Archaeologists have uncovered the exact location of the tomb of St. Nicholas, also known as “Santa Claus”. It was unearthed on the ground on which he was walking next to the tomb of “Santa Claus”, which was unearthed in the province of Antalya, located in the south of Turkey.

During the Roman Empire, Saint Nicholas, an early Christian bishop, lived between 270 and 343 BC.

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1-) The Face of a Woman Who Lived 31,000 Years Ago Revived

Archaeologists unearthed the skull of a human buried in a cave in the Czech Republic in 1881. the skull dated to about 31,000 years ago and classified the individual as male. But they were wrong about this person’s gender, according to a new study.

More than 140 years later, archaeologists determined that this skull belonged to a woman.

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