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Temple ruins thought to belong to the Urartian civilization were found in eastern Turkey.

An Urartian temple was unearthed in eastern Turkey

Temple ruins thought to belong to the Urartian civilization were found in eastern Turkey.

Archaeologists found a temple without a corner protrusion in the ruins of the Urartian castle. In addition, ceramics, jewelry, pottery and coins emerged. Many artifacts belonging to the Urartian period have come to light.

Archaeologists continue their excavations in the province of Van in eastern Turkey. Archaeologists found a castle built by the Urartian King Menua. It was found in a rocky area. Excavations continue in and around this castle.

After 2016, excavations started again this year. The excavations started under the leadership of Dr. Sabahattin Erdoğan from Van Yüzüncü Yıl University. Researchers found 8-meter-high fortifications during the rescue excavation started this year.

In addition, researchers uncovered different ruins in this region. Researchers found an 8-meter-long temple with no protruding corners, beads, jewelry, bracelets, burial chambers and ceramics. The ceramics are thought to belong to the Middle Ages.

Regional officials think that this excavation will make a big profit for tourism. Researchers believe the Urartians lived in the area 3000 years ago.

This temple unearthed in the region belongs to the Urartian King Minua. The temple is different from other Urartian temples. The reason why the temple is different is that it is without rizalite. It is one of the earliest Urartian temples. The size of the walls surrounding the temple is high. Apart from this building, which is inside a castle, there are also warehoussz and institutional buildings.

Settlement forms of the Urartians

During the Urartian period, large communities lived around Lake Van. Cities are composed of citadels and lower settlements. Apart from the cities, the Urartians established seasonal places, village settlements and private places like today.

The number of cities excavated in the region is 13. Some of these are places like Tushpa, Rusahinili, Ḫaldiei-URU and Aluduri. They preferred mostly agricultural areas and places where they could do animal husbandry. The Urartian people have highly developed infrastructure and wastewater systems.

Urartian structures show equality. In addition to having central cities, there are villages, settlements established by regional administrators, and privately established places. They also built political and military structures in places far from the center.


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