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2,700-year-old remains have been found in a medieval castle in western Turkey

Remains dating back 2700 years have been found in the medieval castle. Archaeologists have reached the ruins of this castle in Muğla province in western Turkey.

Medieval castle excavations continued in an area close to the Idyma Ancient City. Archaeologists have been continuing the excavations for two years and are working on strengthening the fortification walls of the castle.

2700 years ago, this castle was used as a residential area. This settlement was found next to a stream. Researchers think the stream was a sea back then.

The castle ruins found belong to the 11th century. Researchers found a tunnel in the medieval castle. One exit of this tunnel opens to the sea. The purpose of the tunnel is to reach the sea without being seen when the enemy comes. The tunnel is 60 meters in size.

What is a Medieval castle?

The medieval castle meant, briefly the house of the king or lord. During the medieval period, many castles were built in Europe. In the Middle Ages, which started in the 5th century, castles became more common after the 11th century.

Castle entrence

Castles became popular as a means of displaying power and wealth. It was also better in terms of defense and safety. The lords built castles on top of the hills. The medieval castle was a self-contained structure. It contained a water system, a food system, and a defense system.

3 facts about the castle layouts

1- It required a lot of budget

Lords and kings spent almost half of their budgets to build a castle. Although these amounts were very large, the kings would not fail to show power and wealth.

2- Castles had secret sections

Secret passageways were always built for safety and defense. Some of them had doors that led to a different place via the tunnel. Others had rooms that were hidden and undetected.

3- Toilets were built in places such as rooms

They built rooms and toilets where people put their belongings. These toilets were also the weak points of the castle. Enemies could sneak into the castle through these toilets.

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