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22 ancient tombs from different historical periods found in Egypt

22 ancient tombs from different historical periods found in Egypt

22 ancient tombs belonging to different historical periods have been found in Egypt. These tombs which located in the central part of Egypt, have historical significance.

These 22 tombs are thought to date back 2,000 years.

A joint committee from the Supreme Council of Historical Artifacts and the University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona) continues to work on these tombs in Minye.

It was explained what the finds were from the excavations and which period they belonged to. 3 tombs from the Roman period, 3 from the Persian period, and 16 from the Byzantine and Coptic periods were unearthed.

The excavation team reports that the work continues and more information will be obtained.

Ancient tombs in egypt

The world famous Egyptian tombs are very famous and beautiful. The most well-known and prominent of these are the pyramids in the Valley of the Kings or the tombs of the Pyramids Age.


These tombs were made according to the status that the person had while they were alive. For example, poor people were buried in tombs covered with straw. There were only one or two potsherds in the graves of poor people, and sometimes burials were built next to the graves of rich people.

There were two different construction styles, the Lower Egyptian tombs and the Upper Egyptian tombs. Wood and reed were used in the construction of the lower tomb. There were sometimes three to five mummies in the tombs.

The upper tombs were the tombs carved into the underground bedrock. The stone-carved tombs, though not elaborately prepared and decorated, are indicative of a higher class status in Egyptian society.

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